June 28

Grade 5/6 Beacy Band

Congratulations to our Beacy Band members who showed us their talents on Tuesday.

June 8

News from the Music Room: SPECIAL MUSIC GROUPS (Irene Carroll)

Some of our senior performing artists have been working really hard in their special groups to prepare items for your enjoyment. We have two performances coming up at the end of term that you are most welcome to come and join us for.

Tuesday 27th June:

Gr 5/6 Beacy Band present “Songs of Australia” (A medley of Aussie songs)

WHEN: 3:00pm


Thursday 29th June:

Gr 3/4 Special Performing Arts Groups present “The Forlorn Unicorn”                              (a mini musical)

SHOW TIMES FOR AUDIENCE VIEWING: (We will be repeating this performance at two different times.)

WHEN: 9:30am PERFORMANCE 1: FOR JUNIOR AUDIENCE (Prep-2’s)                                                                  – (Families welcome at either show)

WHEN: 10:15am PERFORMANCE 2: FOR SENIOR AUDIENCE (Gr3-6’s)                                                                  – (Families welcome at either show)


WHERE: School Gym

As the sound in the gym is not ideal for performances, we ask that all audience members support our students by remaining very quiet throughout the shows. If you bring toddlers, please ensure they are sitting down to assist us with sound issues. Thanks for your help.


Irene Carroll (Music teacher)