April 18

Wonthaggi Human Powered Vehicle Race

On the weekend of 18th-19th two teams from Beaconsfield Primary school attended the Wonthaggi Human Powered Vehicle race.  The track in Wonthaggi is a 1.4 kilometres long street circuit and teams compete in a relay format with the winner being the team that completes the most laps.  The Junior Secondary team competing in Storm completed a split 16 hour race, 10 hours on Saturday and 6 hours on Sunday.  The Community team competing in Rogue attempted the full 24 hour event.

Storm had 11 team members, Declan I, Aroha S-T, Arthur W, Kyle M, Ryan D-L, Casey A, Riley M, Kai S, Jeremy L, Hunter F and Harrison from Cobram Anglican Grammar School.  Rogue was an adult team and had 7 team members, Liam, Stewart, Gary, Ashley, Nicholas, Peter and Anthony.

Storm completed 227 laps, finishing 2nd in their class and 73rd out right.  The fastest lap went to Declan on lap 191 with a time of 2 minutes 45 seconds. The team’s average lap time was 6 minutes 20 seconds.  The most laps were completed by Ryan, 33 laps.

Rogue completed 286 laps, finishing 10th in their class and 68th out right.  The fastest lap went to Gary on lap 66 with a time of 2 minutes 39 seconds. The team’s average lap time was 5 minutes 02 seconds.  The most laps were completed by Anthony, 67 laps.

Track marshalling, time keeping, pit changes, feeding riders, setting up and packing up, all these jobs and more need to be taken care of and many hands make for light work. A massive thank you to all the parents and friends who helped out with the many jobs that go towards making a successful human powered vehicle race team.

Thank you kindly

Mr Cole


March 21

News from the music room: A day for our drummers

Thank you so much to Sandor Toth, one of our wonderful, talented parents. Sandor kindly offered his time to lead a series of drumming workshops with Grade 5/6 students last week. The students learned a great deal from his expertise and enjoyed the chance to develop their skills. One of the highlights was Sandor and Joshua E playing “Copy Cat” rhythms on the kits. You can view a snippet of this video on the specialist blog.

Stay tuned for some Blues Busters and Rapping Rhythms coming from Grade 3-6’s later in the semester.


February 21

1st HPV Race for 2017

There has been some confusion about the date of our first Human Powered Vehicle race for 2017.

The correct date is Saturday 25th of February 2017 at Casey Fields in Cranbourne.  The race will be starting at 10:00am and finishing at 4:00pm.  Spectators are welcome, so if you are interested in what HPV racing is all about, this is the closest venue we race at so come on down and have a look.

Further information will be provided to the HPV race team in the next few days.

Thank you kindly

Mr Cole

Please note: there is a WAFL game and AFL pre-season match taking place at Casey Fields on this date also.